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Our Programmes

To add the practical way of learning that is missing from the current education curriculum used in schools; as most of them especially public primary schools are using a theoretical based curriculum which neglects the practicability of the lessons. Our learning approach supports students on understanding the context and science behind a particular phenomenon of the science subjects rather than studying for passing examinations. ProjeKt inspire to adequately prepare teachers with equipped practical knowledge and information regarding STEM to match the current learning demand following a significant growth of technology and industrialization.

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A STEM-tastic Birthday Party

Engaging STEM Activities:

Dive into an STEM adventure! Children will enjoy by having collaborations, critical thinking and problem solving activities. such as building different models,exploring the word of STEM, and creating their own solutions.


A STEM-tastic Birthday Party

STEM Park Exploration:

Children will explore our STEM park, including the Ocean Exhibit and Interactive sessions. They engage in educational activities that teach about STEM in life and its applications.