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Who we are

The inspiration behind founding ProjeKt Inspire

Is to cater the current need of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics teaching resources in schools to add the practical way of learning that is missing from the current education curriculum used in schools; as most of them especially public primary schools are using a theoretical based curriculum which neglects the practicability of the lessons. Our learning approach supports students on understanding the context and science behind a particular phenomenon of the science subjects rather than studying for passing examinations. ProjeKt inspire to adequately prepare teachers with equipped practical knowledge and information regarding STEM to match the current learning demand following a significant growth of technology and industrialization.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure young people have access to affordable quality tools and resources necessary for Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.


Our Vision

We envision a generation of well rounded African nurtured STEM professionals with an invaluable set of skills and knowledge for the innovation and development of Africa.

What we do

To schools, community, and parents

We are the immediate solution that helps prepare their students for future careers and endeavors in STEM. We conduct classes, school sessions, after-school programs, youth boot camps, STEM-theme birthday parties, teachers training and a location where children can come and learn through hands on STEM activities.

Our Programmes


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