Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM)
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Projekt InspireProjekt InspireProjekt Inspire

Welcome to Projekt Inspire

We provide a space where children and youth explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through fun and highly educational hands-on activities. We offer weekly classes, school sessions, after-school programs, youth boot camps, STEM-themed birthday parties and teachers training. We inspire, engage, and empower the next generation of STEM leaders! ProjeKt Inspire is dedicated to helping children build a strong foundation in the competencies required to succeed in mastering skills needed in the 21st century.

We believe that early and consistent exposure to STEM is advantageous and crucial for today’s young generation and their future opportunities.

Our constructivism approach to STEM Education embedded in the Project-Based Integrated Learning Model allows learners to construct new understandings and knowledge, integrating with what they already know. This spark creativity, develop critical thinking skills and ignite career possibilities.

We have over 8 years experience

We are dedicated to inspire innovation, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to children, youth and educators to foster 21st century skills.

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