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TOTO TECH Program episode 1

TotoTech is a programme designed for primary school students which intends to entice kids to take part of Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics education by exposing them to trending technologies like 3D printing. The aim of this program is to improve the quality of education by increasing kids participation in STEM activities by triggering students’ passion and actively engaging them into creative problem solving and critical thinking in the science and mathematics field of study through the materials they interact with in their daily lives.

The first session was attended by 17 students from Kijitonyama primary school, activities covered were on acids and bases experiments which were mainly extracts ­ materials found within our environment this enables children to do experiments at home. There are many strong acids and bases in nature. Some of them are dangerous and used as poison for insects and animals. Many plants have acids and bases in their
leaves, seeds, stems etc, our bodies uses acids and bases too. The key learning area during our first meetup was identification of living things that have either acids or bases.

Identification of acids and bases was aided by the use of red cabbage as an indicator, which changed to pink in acidic substances and blue to substances in bases. These colourful changes of the indicator captured these kids attention and their amused faces filled the room with joy and laughter. The second experiment based on the reaction between acids and bases which yields salt, water and carbon dioxide gas which was used to blow a balloon and the kids got to happily play around with it. At the end of the session children were able to share their learnings from the session, the key learning points were teamwork and leadership, they could easily point out the power of working as a team in executing different activities.

Next event: 5th December 2015, 09:00 ­ 12:00Hrs
Topic: Hydraulic systems
Bring the children to us, we make learning fun!

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