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Annual STEM Boot Camps

Annual STEM Youth Boot Camps (SYBC)

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Youth Boot Camps (SYBC) are an Annual Event for ProjeKt Inspire, where it gathers young Innovators and STEM enthusiasts aged 14-23 from Secondary Schools .

STEM Boot camps employ the Project Based Integrated Learning ( STEM – PBIL) as a tool to enhance the learning in complement with the formal secondary schools’ science and mathematics curriculum. The themes have been revolving around the Sustainable Development Goals, where each year we pick a goal that the students will find problems that can be solved with STEM disciplines.

This unleashes the students potential through involving students in integrating their classroom lessons into problem solving projects as a way of improving the quality of education, and consequently quality of graduates from secondary schools.

The goal is to trigger participation of students in the STEM field giving them an opportunity to learn about various career paths and develop interest in the field, triggering their creativity and research skills thus developing a well-rounded education essential to country’s development.

Why STEM Youth Boot Camps?

Students to be equipped with skills and experiences that will prepare them to face the innovative and valuable global market.
Improve quality of education through increased participation in STEM activities and research.
Trigger the students’ passion by actively engaging them into research, problem solving and creativity in the science and mathematics fields of study.
Empowering female students to actively participate and engage in STEM subjects, thus improving their overall performance in STEM related fields.
Offer career guidance and inspiration to students interested in pursuing higher education in the STEM fields.
Serve as a bridge between the students, faculties and employers in the STEM fields.
Improve the student’s ability in understanding some of the concepts taught in these classes by offering alternative studying approaches and making the studying process fun and interactive.

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