Through this Inspire Engineering Kit, a child will be able to construct his/her own house by applying measurements skills, mathematics skills and knowledge based on buildings engineering.

Moreover, the child will have a chance to practise his/her creativity through painting, wiring and laying out the veranda decorations. This Kit provides more knowledge such that it gives the child the confidence of practising Construction. It’s a great investment for kids to express more interest in engineering.


In this Inspire Science Kit, the child is equipped with knowledge of Chemical reactions from the concept of Acid and Base reactions when mixing kitchen-based ingredients. Also, this Inspire Science Kit will guide the child on How to Test for Acid and base by using different Indicators.

In line with that, the child will have a guide on how to use the Acid and base in a fascinating scientific way such as experiencing the volcano eruption by using materials provided inside the Inspire Science kit.


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