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Power of Hydraulics – Toto Tech 2

TotoTech programs powered by Projekt Inspire and BUNI Fab Lab engages primary school kids in a wonderfully interesting and funny way of learning in the fields of science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM). TotoTech is working to see that primary school kids at their very early age are exposed to participation with enthusiasm in STEM activities, practicing what they learn at school using materials readily available in their homes and schools.
As a continuation of the program’s sessions of motivated learning through doing; activity two held at BUNI on 5th December 2015 attended by 15 grade 5 and 6 studsent s from kijitomyama primary school was based on the power of hydraulics.


  • Identification of few properties of liquids(water as the basic example)
  • Ability to listen to instructions
  • Ability to work upon instructions appropriately
  • Simple and general working principles Hydraulic machines
  • Creativity
  • Ability to work in groups


The activity explored the power of hydraulics in the modern technologies. All fluids such as water, alcohol, blood etc. possess this tremendous power; this doesn’t lie in any but in the famous principle called Pascal’s principle. “Pressure applied to a fluid in a container is transmitted undiminished equally in all directions and to the walls of the container”. It is from this fact liquids find a lot applications in different systems of machines such as the lifts, excavators, garbage compactors, bulldozers, cranes and many other construction machines.
Accompanied with video illustrations of different hydraulic machines at work such as cranes students in groups of three students each participated in making a simple lifting jack made of properly sized pieces of a box to physically appreciate the hydraulic power of liquids using water as one of the cheapest liquid in our environment. Upon completion Students were able to apply force or pressure to water contained in syringes inter-connected by plastic tubes and properly connected to the jack. The hydraulic power was seen in its ability to lift and lower down the lifting jack made. The hydraulic jack made physically created a picture in the students’ minds of how hydraulic machines are capable of performing different activities in the modern world.

Kids were so excited in first participating in making the jack but more on seen they could lift and lower it down using water in tubes and syringes.
“I wish to practice everything I learn in class”,( Glory Beneth a grade five kid) and “ I can now practice this at home”,( Japhari Seif a grade five kid) to mention a few were among the joyful responses from the kids after the activity.
Learning process in this program is made very interesting and it implants motivation, critical thinking and innovative mind in students. We also teach different skills to the kids for instance in the first session students had knowledge on teamwork especially the need to fully participate in, and leadership skills accompanied the second activity .

Next event: 23th January 2016, 9:00-12:00hrs
Venue: BUNI Hub
Bring the children to us we make learning fun and interesting.

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