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Fifth Session of Toto TECH 28th May ’16

Five scores and seven years ago our fathers brought forth a new nation conceived in innovations and dedicated that all generations, young and old are innovative and advanced in technology. We are engaged in a great World War, standing at the Battlefield of that war, ready to conquer the generations.

Projekt Inspire has been, and is well equipped and armed in this hard and competitive battle for the 5th time on 28th May 2016, on Saturday at Bun Hub Innovation Centre. A cool morning, hot to some extent, slow town winds blowing as Young boys and girls seemed walking along the town ways descending towards COSTECH (Sayansi) Centre Hall. The cameras in the hall caught the Projekt Inspire Crew preparing the equipment for the experiments.


Majority of the participants were girls 62 %  and  38% were boys from various schools in Dar-es-Salaam including; Liberman primary school, Freylouise amigo primary school, Makumbusho primary school, Victoria primary school and Mwangaza primary school. The developed and interesting experiments made the kids of this young generation enthuse their passion for Scientific and technological inventions and experimental discoveries.

They learnt a lot and did various experiments that improved their observation and scientific skills. The experiments conducted during the session were; 1:Comparison of density by solute concentration variation, 2:making a candle out of an orange and olive oil, 3; constructing a volcanic mountain and initiating an eruption by acid-base neutralization reaction, 4; the concept of surface tension, to show how the surface tension of water can be disturbed by detergents and 5:they observed the effect of atmospheric pressure by filling water in a test tube then using cardboard to stop water from flowing out the test tube

Towards winning the battle, the children testified that they were so emotional and thanked PROJEKT INSPIRE and same as their teachers who came along to guide them. From dusk approaching dawn, the Projekt Inspire Team assured the kids to get more interesting, exciting and inspiring Scientific and Technological Experiments. God bless Projekt Inspire, God bless Buni Hub, God bless all the Young Scientists in Tanzania and in the World.

With this I would like to cite you a poem by Gibson Kawago.

What is a dream,
A dream is a wish, an inspiration,
A dream is something to chase when life smashes us down,
At the end of the day,
Sit down and pray ,
Do not care what others will say,
Maintain your good way.
That is a dream,
Get yourself a dream,
Touch God and Pray,
And never ever let your dream Go Away.

This TOTOTECH session was mentored by; Kapingu Yusuph, Gibson Kawago Alex

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