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The 6th Annual STEM Youth Boot Camp Application Is Now Open!!!!!!!

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  • The 6th Annual STEM Youth Boot Camp Application Is Now Open!!!!!!!

We have been working for months teaching children on different scientific experiments under Toto Tech Program. As the program is expanding, we developed Toto TECH field trips which are even more practical and educative. We visit different industries which give the kids a better opportunity to really see what happens in the industry and learn more and more on scientific designs and applications.

It was the morning of September 17th when the kids were brought by their parents at COSTECH which was the first meeting point of all kids from various schools in Dar-es-salaam before starting the journey. The students were so enthusiastic and happy that they exchanged ideas with their fellows and made some good stories.

The bus arrived and all the students got on board ready for the trip to Nabaki Africa Company. While in the bus we told them some good scientific stories which inspired them a lot, and some of them testified that their passion and love towards science and technology increased.

Two hours later, showed them how to recycle papers at home step by step and at the end we had to let them do what they saw in groups with the motivation of awarding the group that would have done it better. They really showed a heart of self-determination and willingness to learn which really encouraged the teachers. At the end of the session we awarded the winner group and gave them some snacks and drinks.The main objective of this tour was to show and teach the students on paper recycling at home, which could be a very great step in maintaining cleanliness at homes and at schools. When we arrived, we started by theoretical teaching on paper recycling and waste disposal. In making sure that the kids could get interested with the lessons, we showed them some interesting projected slides on maintaining city cleanliness with vivid examples based on Dar es salaam.

The students returned to their homes happily and promised to attend the next Toto Tech activity that will be held at BUNI Hub Innovation Lab.

     “The world makes a road for the one who knows where he is going.”

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