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1st Youth Stem Boot Camp 2016

The number of students pursuing STEM education in tertiary institution has been dropping from 34% in 2004 to 14% in 2012. Due to this, Inspire STEM has decided to organize a STEM Boot Camp for Secondary School Students in Tanzania in order to promote STEM education and participation amongst Tanzanian youth.

Increased participation of students in the STEM field giving them an opportunity to learn about various career paths and develop interest in the field, triggering their creativity and research skills thus developing a well-rounded education essential to country’s development.

1. Trigger students’ passion by actively engaging them into research, problem solving and creativity in the science and mathematics fields;
2. Empower female students to actively participate and engage in STEM subjects, thus improving their overall performance in STEM fields;
3. Offer career guidance and inspiration to students interested in pursuing higher education in the STEM fields;
4. Serve as a bridge between the students, faculties and employers in the STEM fields.

1. Learn to build robots, renewable energy systems
2. Introduction to coding and App development
3. Science Cafes by STEM professionals
4. Fun excursion activities
5. STEM competitions, exhibitions and career fair
6. Explore STEM themed topics such as biomedics, engineering, and many more.

There will be registration fee of about 150,000/- for successful applicants, that will cover for the foods, accommodation, academic facilities, excursion tours and awards for winners. This will be paid after the successful applicants have been confirmed.
Limited scholarships are available especially for girls and early applicants, Apply NOW.
The application is through an online link
If you have any further inquiries feel free to call us on +255712865206, or visit our Facebook page

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