Who We Are


We are a youth-based social enterprise that aims at creating career awareness and lightening career paths to youth. Our major goal is to unleash youth’s potential by actively involving them in making informed career decisions and career consultancy.

With a main focus in improving the state of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM ) Education, we have programs for a wide range of youth.  For Pre-primary and primary school age children (3-14 yrs)  we have the Rising STEAM Stars program, and Science Kits For Secondary school-age youth  (15-22) we have annual STEM youth Boot Camps (SYBC), The Start-up Studio for young innovators, Job Shadowing Program and,  Career Guidance & Inspiration Talks


We are envisioning increased competence that unleashes youth’s potential and stepping into their greatness.


To create a generation of well-rounded youth with an invaluable set of skills and liberal perspectives needed in the competitive global markets.

Regions Reached

Tanzania Placeholder
5 Annual STEM Youth Boot Camps Conducted
9691 Secondary School youth we have inspired
520 Number of Inspire pack- Science Kits Sold
6000 Facebook
900 Twitter
25 Annual Science Fairs and Career Guidance Sessions
9510 Pre primary and primary school students reached
89 Rising STEAM , STARS Sessions Conducted
2500 Instagram
83 Youtube Videos

Our male to female ratio of participants in our programs 45:55 – F:M



  • Opening doors for skills’ development such as leadership, public speaking and interview skills.
  • Offering career guidance as they transition to higher education.
  • Training talent development through involvement in extra curricula activities.


  • Allowing critical thinkers in schools through Project Based and Integrated Learning such as introducing STEM activities in schools.
  • Supplementing the syllabus by offering course related training’s .
  • Trigger improvement in quality of education through organizing fairs that trigger learning environment and inspiring the students.


  • Promoting key policy objectives of education and employment ranging from lifelong learning to social equity.
  • Exposing students to self sustaining entrepreneur skills, thus increasing their self employment and employment generation.
  • Forming a Youth Think Tank that will discuss, and critically analyze the key policies in sustainability of education.


  • Developing apprenticeship programs that will train students to be ethical and efficient workers.
  • Offering employees skills needed in the competitive global market such as confidence and ability to express oneself.
  • Additional human resources and developing volunteering spirit.