Board member

Eng. Ngwisa Mpembe

Board Member

Eng. Ngwisa Mpembe is one of the core members of the Tanzania Water Partnership (TWP). Mpembe holds a Master of Science (Civil Engineering) in Integrated Water Resources Management. He has over 15 years of relevant professional experience in Civil Engineering Projects and Water supply systems which include detail design and supervision of construction of related infrastructures e.g water supply networks, storage tanks, civil structures, feasibility studies, hydraulic modelling, hydrological studies and sanitation projects). Eng Mpembe has also been extensively involved in Project Management both in practice and through undertaking specialised training courses. He is also a water resources management specialist with keen interest in institutional transformation and governance. He is also a keen publisher and mentor to Engineering students. He has a good understanding, with broad knowledge, of the related policy, institutional framework and capacity building processes in integrated water and land resource management. Mpembe is an active member of various professional institutions, networks and associations such as the Engineers Registration Board (ERB), Institution of Engineers Tanzania (SenMIET), Association of Consulting Engineers, He is also the Vice President of the Institute of Engineers Tanzania (IET), the President of the Green Building Council of Tanzania as well as Board Member at Technical Evaluation Committee.