Dr. Lwidiko Edward Mhamilawa


Mobile +255712865206


Dr. Lwidiko Edward Mhamilawa, is a Medical Doctor, graduate from Muhimbili University of Health Allied Sciences has 5 years of experience in working with young people in from rural areas of Tanzania to youth from all over the globe, from South Korea to Ghana to Switzerland.

The working areas include capacity building for young leaders, creating forums for young people’s voices to be heard in the government and UN Initiatives and Research.

Dr. Mhamilawa has passion for social change. being part several initiatives including ProjeKt Inspire (PI) Ltd – a social enterprise focusing on career counseling and life skills development for youth, playing the role of Executive Director on day to day activities.

As a medical doctor, he supervises the Inspire Health portal under ProjeKt Inspire that runs community outreach health checkups in non-communicable diseases and inspires youth into pursuing healthcare related careers.

He has conducted medical researches such as the importance of first aid training in educational institutions and he is currently working on synchronizing first aid training with local schools with a vision of creating a chain of primary healthcare clinics in Tanzania.