Inspire Health

Inspire Health portal conducts activities that engage young people who are interested in health professions such as medicine, public health, community health, researches, laboratory sciences etc.

A. Ijue Afya Yako Campaign

Provides non-communicable diseases health care provision services and healthy lifestyle education to local communities to reduce rates of avoidable lifestyle diseases.


  1. To engage local community into frequent health check up lifestyle in order to get immediate earlier stage healthcare provision in case of any disease before.
  2. To give access to doctors’ consultation services at affordable prices and easy accessibility.
  3. To provide lifestyle education to local communities in order to build a healthier community, hence increase community’s productivity.

B. First Aid Training Program


As part of life skills training to the youth, ProjeKt Inspire aims at offering first aid trainings that are essential skills needed in supporting life especially when interacting with the society.


  1. Introducing basic skills needed in dealing with human health to students who are interested in pursuing health sciences.
  2. To know how to deal with health emergencies and promote recovery.
  3. To learn the importance and how to stay safe in the community.

C.Comprehensive Sexual and  Reproductive Education

This focuses on raising awareness on sexual changed and challenges adolescents face during growth.


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